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Moving Shadow Upload Mix Series


Eagle eyed members of the popular r/DnB community on Reddit noticed yesterday that the classic Moving Shadow label had uploaded their mix CD series to YouTube.

The Moving Shadow label went dormant in 2007 leaving its army of followers continually hoping for some sort of resurgence. This recent movement from the Moving Shadow camp has sparked rumours among die hard fans of the label about a possible return… Is new music coming? Will the back catalogue finally be available on streaming sites? We’ll have to wait & see!

The Mix Series

Over 11 hours music featuring all your favourite Moving Shadow tracks have been uploaded to the labels YouTube page, with audio lifted directly from the original masters.

The original CD releases, mixed by Timecode (aka label boss Rob Playford) were first available between 1998 and 2005, cover a wide selection of tracks from the Moving Shadow catalogue. Historically this mix series was sold in record shops for just 99p so were always very popular.

Discover all 12 Moving Shadow mixes on their YouTube channel.

A History Of Moving Shadow

Moving Shadow was the brainchild of Rob Playford, and started life in the humble surroundings of his lounge back in 1990 before growing into one of D&B’s first global exports alongside the likes of Metalheadz and Good Looking Records. Most of the early releases from the likes of Kaotic Chemistry, Cosmo & Dibs, and 2 Bad Mice are collaborations between Rob and various other people. During this time he built a reputation as one of the scene’s most accomplished engineers; A skill that would see him involved in some groundbreaking projects including engineering work for Goldie’s seminal ‘Timeless’ album. 

Goldie & Rob Playford

Just 2-3 years after its inception, the label already had around 30 releases under its belt and had confidently established itself as one of the main driving forces behind the future direction of the music. Whether it was first unveiling genre defining basslines like the reverse bass of ‘Dred Bass’ and the Reese of ‘Terrorist’, or the breezey atmospherics JMJ & Richie and Flytronix, or the unbearably tense industrial soundscapes of Dom & Roland and Tech Itch, or scouting the talents of Calyx and Teebee who would go on to pioneer the whole neurofunk sound… Moving Shadow would continue to shape the sound of D&B for the next decade.

Read more about the labels history at A Bass Chronicle


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