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Noisia Farewell Tour To Honour Festival Shows


Noisia recently announced their final ‘Noisia Farewell Tour’ running from September 2021 to December 2021. The trio had previously revealed in September 2019 that they’d be splitting at the end of 2020, but following the covid-19 pandemic they postponed the ‘end of Noisia’ until the close of 2021 to allow them to say goodbye to as many of their Dutch and international fans as possible.

However, despite ninja-levels of planning for the their Noisia Farewell Tour, covid-19 has continued to disrupt global touring, the knock-on effect for Noisia fans being that many festival shows weren’t able to happen, and some countries couldn’t see the band tour there at all. With all this in mind, Nik, Martijn, and Thijs, have now announced a run of special summer 2022 festival performances, allowing the electronic music legends to honour the cancellations over the last 12 months. There are a handful of opportunities to see them one final time, and they’ll be fields, tents, or arenas only.

Noisia Said…

Hello festival person! Since 2019 we’ve been planning our Noisia farewell tour. Obviously, we’ve had to miss many summer shows because of covid restrictions in 2020 and 2021. We really don’t want to be *that band* milking their eternal “last tour… But there were so many shows we were never able to do… So after much thought, we’ve decided to give ourselves and festival audiences one more chance to close it off like we always imagined we would! So we’ll close things off with our last club shows this year as planned, and in summer 2022 we want to do one more festival run, to play the festivals which we were booked for but were cancelled in 2020/2021. Love, team Noisia.

Noisia Farewell Tour

The current ‘Noisia Farewell Tour’, represents their final run of club shows, this unique tour sees the group hit the UK, US, France, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, and many more, alongside their last Noisia Invites show in their native Netherlands. Many of the events have sold out.

In September 2019, Noisia aka Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen, and Thijs de Vlieger announced that the group would split at the end of 2020; the final chapter in a hugely successful 20 year career that saw Noisia break new ground for drum & bass, and become one of the most respected outfits in electronic music.

Faced with no festivals in 2020, Noisia decided they’d release a live version of their ‘Outer Edges’ AV show, the touring show which surrounded the release of the ‘Outer Edges’ album. Available late 2020, the ‘Outer Edges Live’ release featured their blistering 25 track live set, accompanying the album was the film of their Outer Edges Live show at Roskilde 2017; the sixty minute film captured one of the most impressive AV shows in contemporary electronic music.

Noisia’s first new music for 2021 landed in June in the form of ‘Supersonic’, a long anticipated collaboration with Skrillex.

Noisia’s Solo Projects

Nik – Sleepnet

Post-2021,the trio’s solo recording activities include Nik’s solo project, Sleepnet, launched in March 2021 with the ‘First Light EP’; the music explores different stages of loss, grief and rebirth, and some of the tracks contain fragments of sounds and music that were originally intended for Noisia productions over the past two decades, but never used.


His collaborative house music duo, Body Ocean, with The Upbeats’ Jeremy Glenn, launched with their first EP in late 2020. Recent single ‘Nutrition’ came out via Box Of Cats, they remixed ‘Anything’ by Alison Wonderland & Valentino Khan to great acclaim, alongside releases on mau5trap, Mad Decent, and STMPD. The pair are playing forthcoming shows in New Zealand, and Australia: “This project is more about un-learning the rules than about technical one-upmanship. We want to let go of what we know and what is comfortable, we want to create new combinations and allow for as much eclectic experimentation as we can”.

Thijs – Thys

Under his moniker Thys, Thijs recently launched his own label Eccentric O, with the debut EP dropping last week on August 13th. In 2020, he played a now legendary DJ set with Skrillex and released his ‘Sleeping Beauty Dreams’ album; an adaptation of the score he wrote for the eponymous dance performance. At the end of that same year, Thijs co-composed and produced the music for the film ‘Biomimicry’, by Iris van Herpen and the Dutch National Ballet, that explores the symbiotic relationship between the metamorphic force in which fashion and dance interlace. Further collaborations include two EP’s with Amon Tobin. For future projects, Thijs wants to focus on scoring for films and games, while also writing club and listening music. 

Martijn – Zonderling

After dabbling in the poppier side of the musical spectrum, Martijn and Jaap de Vries are making a move back towards their roots with Zonderling, and getting ready to release more music soon. 
Besides working on Zonderling, Martijn is currently writing and producing for a variety of artists and projects.

Vision Radio

Formerly know as Noisia Radio, Vision Radio continues to go from strength to strength. The show is a place where the Noisia collective select bass music that excites them; drum & bass, electronica, beats and whatever forward leaning sounds they can get theirr hands on.

Alongside host Dave Jenkins they champion their latest releases as well as tons of music from people you have or haven’t heard yet.

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