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NQ State Of Mind Vol 1


Lenzman & Dan Stezo: two friends from way back when, connecting through a mutual love of music. Recording mixtapes became a tradition that has spanned decades. Through the years the music industry changed, technology changed and life circumstances changed… but the mixtapes remain

Photo: Yoshimasa-Matsunaga

Now the two friends present their most ambitious project yet: A continuation of this tradition, but with an official seal. Consisting solely of music from The North Quarter label, including 9 exclusives. This is NQ State of Mind, Vol. 1

28 tracks mixed with Lenzman’s seamless flow, backed with Dan Stezo’s introspective lyrics. This is a journey through The North Quarter‘s varied catalogue featuring all the artists that made the label the respected entity it is today. The 9 exclusive tracks will be released on a 2×12” gatefold LP to accompany the mix project


Tokyo Prose – Brilliant Corners

Redeyes – Back In My Soul (Encore)

KinKai feat. Safron Grace – Plantain & Champagne (Lenzman Remix)

FD – Deadly Styles

Satl feat. Steo – All My Life (Tokyo Prose Remix)


Lenzman – Walk On By (Satl Remix)

Submorphics feat. Pola & Bryson – Albion Road

FD – Top2Bottom VIP

Myth – One Note Funk

Sam Binary – Surface Tension

Satl – Drifted

Tokyo Prose – Innate Motion

Zero T & Unitsouled feat. [ K S R ] – Slightest Moment (Remix)

Akemi Fox – Fallin’ (Lenzman Remix)

Redeyes – Carry Me Home

Anile – Juno’s Position

Redeyes feat. Tyler Daley (Lenzman Remix)

Zero T feat. Colonel Red – Tears

FD – This Is Not Science

Redeyes – Low Key

Lenzman – In My Mind (Break Remix)

Submorphics feat. Steo – Weather It Out

FD – The Creatures From Planet 9

Lenzman – Grateful (Instrumental)

Redeyes – Untitled Soul

FD feat. Fox – Always Something

Anile – Back On Days

Submorphics feat. Big Brooklyn Red – Daydreaming (Echo Brown Remix)

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