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RAM Trilogy Revolutions


In the tail end of the 1990’s, Andy C and Ant Miles, formerly known as Origin Unknown, teamed up with fellow Ram Records producer Shimon to form Ram Trilogy.

The debut 3 singles from the trio included now classic drum & bass tracks such as No Reality, Mind Overload, Chase Scene & Terminal 1. The next year they followed up with Evolution & the mighty Molten Beats album


Fast forward 2 decades and Ram Records have released Ram Trilogy Revolutions, an album packed full of remixes from the Ram Trilogy back catalogue!

Andy C, Shimon & Ant Miles have all gone back in to rework their own choice cuts. They’ve also been joined by current noise makers such as Benny L, Levela, SyRan, T>I, Traumatize, Inside Info & Leaf supplying their remixes of tracks including Human Future, Beastman, Reflection, Iron Lung & more


Yesterday Shimon shared a video on his social media of him, Andy C & Ant Miles talking about this epic RAM Trilogy Revolutions album project, the early years & how they selected the remixers


As well as the obligatory release on download stores & streaming services, this album also comes with a limited vinyl release. Six 10″ slices of wax packaged in a deluxe box

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