ROAR: The 90’s Rave Podcast In The British Library


Big news this week for ROAR: The 90’s Rave Podcast as they are inducted into the British Library Sound Archive!

The Podcast

ROAR: The 90’s Rave Podcast is hosted and produced by former talkSPORT presenter, journalist, ‘90s rave fanatic and bedroom DJ, Tom Latchem.

It’s been running for just 6 months and has featured some fascinating in depth interviews with iconic figures from the 90’s rave scene.

The podcast launched back in the summer with a 2 part episode featuring drum and bass legends Fabio & Grooverider. Tom & his team have been regularly pumping out high quality content with guests from across the 90’s D&B, Jungle, Hardcore and Rave genres.

Check out some great interviews with the likes of DJ Rap, Bryan Gee, Force & Styles, Slipmatt, Ray Keith & MC Juiceman on their YouTube channel, or from all the usual podcast platforms.

Immortalised Forever

When asked how he feels about ROAR: The 90’s Rave Podcast being added to the archives of the British Library, Tom told us…

“When I started the podcast six months ago, in my rare high-minded moments I felt a little like I was doing a public service chronicling a scene that is hugely popular but remains poorly chronicled. But I didn’t ever think that we would end up in the British Library, having happy hardcore, jungle and hardcore techno immortalised forever, for future generations to learn about the ’90s rave scene!”

Tom in conversation with DJ Rap

The Sound Archive

The British Library Sound Archive is among the largest collections of recorded sound in the world, including music, spoken word and ambient recordings.


It holds more than six million recordings, including over a million discs and 200,000 tapes. These include commercial record releases (chiefly from the UK), radio broadcasts (many from the BBC Sound Archive), and privately made recordings, such as the recently added ROAR: The 90’s Rave Podcast.

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