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Shaquille O’Neal Drum & Bass Mix


What do you do after being a four-time NBA champion and three-time MVP? In the case of Shaquille O’Neal you become the biggest DJ in the world!

Standing at 7 foot, 1 inch tall, and weighing in at 325-pounds we think his claim to be the biggest DJ in the world is valid… From a certain point of view.

O’Neal began messing around with the turntables as a teenager, and he dabbled in DJing throughout his NBA career. He would play sets alone or for his friends, but he ventured out to nightclubs after he retired.

Shaq got his first taste of the festival world at TomorrowLand in 2015, and he has been hooked on the feeling ever since.

Being at TomorrowLand brought me back to Game 7 energy,” O’Neal told Forbes. “The co2, the crowd of hundreds of thousands of happy people, the energy. It’s too similar.

Listen To The Shaquille O’Neal D&B Mix

When it comes to genres Shaq says that nothing is off the cards, although he told SiriusXM in a 2019 interview that he DJ’s “for the sport of bass music“.

Shaquille O’Neal, using his DJ Diesel stage name, recently dropped a drum & bass mini mix on his Soundcloud page & credit to him, he goes in! There’s no play it safe crowd pleasers, he’s clearly playing music he loves.

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