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Simula Announces Debut LP


Simula has announced his next project, his debut LP to be released on his own self titled imprint Simula Audio.

After garnering over 100 million streams on collaboration ‘You and I’ with Bru C, alongside his inspiring work with Sample Genie, Simula has carved a place for himself within the music industry enabling him to set the foundations for his biggest body of work to date.

Simula Gold Disc

Dark & Twisted

The album is to be an amalgamation of the dark and twisted sonic dogma that Simula has been refining for the past several years. Representing the darker, often untouched side of modern drum & bass, binding influences from jump up and jungle with dark minimalism to create something unholy with total abandon.

The long player also promises to branch Simula into new territory, as he continues to build on an already impressive back catalogue and a more refined artistry.

Attack Mode

Have a listen to the most recent Simula Audio track ‘Attack Mode’ to get a taste of what to expect from the forthcoming album.

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