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Subjects Drop Evolution On Deep Jungle


With over 70 vinyl releases under their belt, the team at Deep Jungle have just released the labels 4th artist album project to date ‘Evolution’.

The previously elusive proction duo of Harmony & Modified Motion, together known as Subjects, didn’t set out to write a full blown album, but in the process of writing music they realised certain tracks were naturally working well together and could potentially be part of a bigger project. Now, after many months of work ‘Evolution’ is finished, featuring 12 brand new jungle cuts.

Both artists have extensive production credits to their names individually, Harmony most famously for his tracks on Moving Shadow, Section5, Lucky Spin, plus 2 solo albums on Deep Jungle. Modified Motion for releases on his own Dynamic Audio imprint plus production credits on too many D&B, UKG house & jungle records to mention! Together their studio prowess & intricate knowledge of the original jungle sound has crafted an authentic modern day take on this pioneering musical genre.

With accolades from original jungle dons such as Kenny Ken, Doc Scott & DJ Flight, the ‘Evolution’ LP is available now exclusively on vinyl from the Deep Jungle Bandcamp page.

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