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The Rest Is History D&B Documentary


One of our first articles when we launched LoveThatBass was with Canadian based film maker Peter Costigan where we spoke about his drum & bass documentary film ‘The Rest Is History‘.

Of course the past couple of years of lockdowns haven’t just been detrimental to our beloved clubs & festivals, they also hit the film industry pretty hard. Because of this the release of this brilliant documentary was temporarily on hold… But you are now able to see this film in cinemas & online!

The Rest Is History

The Rest Is History is a celebration of the early years of Jungle and Drum & Bass music, how it developed into a world-conquering genre, and the culture that surrounded it.

It’s a story of rave, resistance and resilience that champions the scene’s pioneers with interviews from Jumpin’ Jack Frost, Ray Keith, Dillinja, Ragga Twins, Micky Finn, Paul Ibiza, MC GQ and many more of its revolutionary mavericks.

An exhilarating and intimate look into the creation of this beloved multicultural underground art form and its continued legacy today.

Release Date

Following a sell out premier & after party in Toronto this weekend, which was attended by Optical, DJ Phantasy, Bryan Gee, MC Fearles, Funsta & Flux, it has been announced that Doc’n Roll will host a handful of special preview screening events across the country including in-person Q&A’s with the director and featured artists from the film.

The Rest Is History

Screenings will be happening from 12th – 27th August in London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Brighton, Nottingham & Dublin.

You will also be able to download & stream ‘The Rest Is Historyon Viemo from 19th August.


Find out more about the making of this film by reading our interview with the director.

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