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Track Breakdown with John Rolodex


Our friend Stranjah invited his friend, and fellow Metalheadz label mate, John Rolodex onto his popular drum and bass production channel, to talk through the process of making two tracks on his new Metalheadz EP

The 6 track The Rainmaker EP has been a long time coming for John Rolodex, 16 years on from his Metalheadz label debut as a collaborative feature on the MDZ.04 compilation (which also featured Stranjah). The Canadian based producer and DJ is considered a pioneer of the North American drum and bass scene. He’s released across a variety of labels including his own Machinist Music which he founded in 2010.

John started reaching back out to Goldie in 2017 and over the next couple of years ‘The Rainmaker EP’ took shape

In this track breakdown he walks you through how he made the tunes La Bodega & The Rainmaker (featuring vocalist Khadija). The track breakdown includes how he uses audio, builds up his drums, uses EQ, creative use for the iZotope Trash VST, and gives tips on what plugins or effects he’s using

All great tips to use to help build your own drum and bass production knowledge

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