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Final Trevino (Marcus Intalex) Album Released Posthumously


In May 2016, Trevino a.k.a. Marcus Intalex released his acclaimed debut album, ‘Front’, on his own Birdie label. Almost exactly seven years on, the follow up album ‘Back’ will be released posthumously, marking the final Trevino album. The release date is scheduled for the 26th May to mark the six year anniversary of Marcus’ passing (28th May 2017).

Although most of the tracks for ‘Back’ were made during Marcus’ time in Berlin, he moved back to Manchester in early 2017 to make the most of his home studio. The Trevino moniker was an output for Marcus to explore his love of house and techno, inspired by his experience of working in record shops from a young age where he would be receiving records spanning across Chicago house and Detroit techno – most notably referencing the Belleville Three as a key influence.

Marcus selected The Trevino alias in homage to his favourite golfer Lee Trevino, and loosely based the two-part album project on the ‘Front’ nine and ‘Back’ nine holes in the sport. This theme runs throughout, with the artwork based on the plans for Hillside golf course.

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Trevino (Marcus Intalex) ‘Back’

Final Marcus Intalex Interview

In his final interview, recorded just months before his untimely passing, Marcus Intalex discussed both his drum & bass career, and his productions as Trevino… Well worth a listen for fans of his D&B and techno work!

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