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Viper Venom Coffee


Viper Recordings, best known for releasing some of the best drum & bass music about, have just announced an interesting new addition to their D&B merchandise range… Viper Venom Coffee

Their new Viper Venom brew is a collaboration with High Rankin‘s Double Drop Coffee company, who have been providing you with rave inspired coffee beans since the start of 2020

Viper Venom Coffee is a great addition to the rave inspired titles put out by Double Drop. Check out their other ethically sourced coffee beans & grinds including the brilliantly named, Low Pass Filter, Tape Pack Drama, Speckled Doves & Original Dubplate

The exclusive Viper Venom Coffee blend is made from 100% Arabica beans, with tasting notes of milk chocolate and sweet berries… Sounds pretty good! This product is very limited so if you want to try it then you best not hang about, grab your coffee & mug bundle now

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Also this week Viper released the first solo release in over a decade from Futurebound!!

Featuring the vocals of Tom Cane, ‘Dangerous’ is destined to become another classic for the genre. Vibrant and full of life, Futurebound packs the track full of his signature energy, shaped by years of being submersed in dance music culture. Bright and emotive, ‘Dangerous’ captures the essence of the underground culture we hold so dear while still also appealing to the mainstream in a way that only Futurebound can do

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