Voltage Ready To Pop It Off


Voltage is ready to ‘Pop It Off’ in a big way with his debut four-track EP on DJ Hype & Pascal’s famed Playaz imprint. Known worldwide as ⅓ of King of the Rollers, Voltage blesses ravers with a brand new solo EP in the form of the ‘Pop It Off’.


Pop It Off EP

Unleashing only the finest of rollers, ‘Pop It Off’ kicks things off proper, featuring the sizzling vocal talents of Logan.

Take cover as ‘Sirenz’ smashes the dance with decimating drums, while ‘Try To Focus’ gets serious with moody face-melting basslines. Adding to the madness ‘Quantum Leap’ serves up a heavy dose of future thinking rowdy drum and bass.

Voltage Releases

Never a man to rest on his laurels, Voltage has had a prolific year of releases so far in 2021. Just recently he dropped his debut release on Critical Music with the tracks Heaux Music & Congo Bongo.

Logan D released the VIP mix of Voltages track Voice Notes on his Low Down Deep label. Hospital records also released a series of remixes from the fantastic Balance Of Symmetry album.

Voltage has recorded music for almost every major drum & bass label worth releasing on. This EP on Playaz is long overdue!

The ‘Pop It Off EP’ by Voltage is out on 24th September exclusively on Beatport & Spotify, then available from all other outlets on 8th October.

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