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Waypoint X Antigoni – From Bootleg To Banger!


What started out as a bootleg clip on TikTok has exploded into becoming a full release on Sony Music subsidiary label Robots + Humans!

When Waypoint was sampling a vocal from Love Island contestant Antigoni as content for his social media, he could never have predicted the clip would go viral and get the attention of not only the vocalist herself but also receive interest from major labels.

Today saw the official release of ‘Never Gonna Love‘ by Waypoint X Antigoni.

@waypointdnb who knew @Antigoni would sound so good on dnb 😳 #dnb #producertok #rave #uk #dj #fyp ♬ ANTIGONI DNB – Waypoint

Drop Of The Week

The past few months since that clip blew up have been a whirlwind for Waypoint. He teamed up with Goddard to bring an extra dimension to the track, and has gone through the ups & downs of major label negotiations.

This week the Goddard Edit of ‘Never Gonna Love‘ by Waypoint X Antigoni was crowned ‘Drop Of The Week‘ on Charlie Tee‘s debut Drum & Bass Show on BBC Radio 1.

In a recent interview here on LoveThatBass Waypoint said of the Antigoni collaboration, “I always love to test out new tunes and ideas on TikTok. I really didn’t expect my recent Love Island inspired tune to get the reaction it did, but I’m so grateful for people supporting it! It allowed me to get a studio session with Antigoni herself and make a fully fledged tune.

Who Is Antigoni?

Best known for her appearance on Love Island UK, Antigoni Buxton signed her first publishing deal aged just 14 years old & Antigoni has since been developing a powerfully original sound that incorporates her cultural roots with her London city surroundings.

Antigoni & Waypoint

This mix of genres results in a unique sound with a universally familiar tone. Antigoni has been routinely touted as a key musician to watch in 2022.


This prediction has only been further amplified by a string of incredible live performances across Europe and TV appearances culminating in over 1 million Spotify streams a global fanbase and radio airplay from BBC Radio 1, Capital Xtra, Kiss FM & support on countless Spotify playlists.

What’s Next For Waypoint?

Following on from his recent releases on Ram Records, LoveThatBass and of course this most recent collaboration with Antigoni & Goddard, Waypoint has fresh music in the works on the D&B Allstars label. Follow Waypoint on Spotify to stay on top of all his forthcoming releases!

Also be sure to catch him DJing at our debut LoveThatBass event on 26th November in Maidstone, Kent!!

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