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Who Is B Live 247?


If you’ve seen Bou performing recently you may have noticed crowd favourite MC Evil B billed under the alias B Live 247 – So why the name change? To answer your question Evil B, I mean B Live 247, hit his social media channels to address the new moniker in his own words

Ive always been about evolving. What excites me more than the win is the climb. About 2 years ago i was sat down by friend and now manager Charlie G and given a bit of a talking to tbh. “Haven’t you done everything in the underground? Don’t you want to try for something bigger’. I had put to bed my aspirations of becoming a main stage act and had just accepted that i would be an underground shellers (Evil B) and i was good with that..but Charlie had sparked an idea.

While I kept coming out every weekend and shelling underground DnB raves as Evil B, I had also started working with Charlie on music as B Live 247. The reason for the music releases being under B Live 247 was it just meant i could do any genre. I got a call from my bro Skepta to hop on a feature on his album ‘Love me Not’. This was the beginning of the new journey. A year or so after that i followed up with my own single ‘Know About You’ featuring my family Becky Hill and JME.

Linking With Bou

Amidst this time, lockdown happened and things got cruel for a lot of us. A shift in the scenes and the emergence of a new wave of artists and promoters. Some of the older culture died off and a lot of new culture was born.

Lockdown lifted and we got back to work, still going out as Evil B on the weekends and back to studio for B Live 247. Around this time i get hit up by a newer artist whose music I had already been feeling and been shelling over, Bou.

I didn’t know much about Bou, where he was from or what he was about at this point, but he hollered me and said he would like to send me an instrumental to have a go at. He sent me La Kasba. I tried something bizarre and a bit left-field (like i normally do) sent it back to Bou and he wasn’t really feeling it. So that kind of ended there. In that time I heard more and more of his music and became a fan. Thinking i got to get a song done with him.


F*ck Jump Up

One day actually walking through the park i had the F**k Jump Up idea. I sent him a voice note of the idea and he was like ‘yeah i can hear something in this, get it recorded’. So i did, sent him the 4 bar vocal and heard nothing. Then i get a facetime call from Bou, hes like listen to this and plays ‘F*ck Jump Up’ to me for the first time and it’s a smash! He finishes the call by saying to me ‘We got one bro’ and that was that. The next day i open tik tok and it’s gone viral from one post from him.

The box was ticked from me to get one with Bou done. When the discussion for release came up i sat with my manager and we decided that the audience that Bou caters to was the exact same audience that B Live 247 was trying to break into with new music.


B Live 247 is an artist, Evil B is an MC. So the decision was made to release the song as B Live.

Not long after release Bou had asked me to come to Printworks to perform ‘F*ck Jump Up’ at DnB Allstars and this was actually the first time i met him properly. Said our hellos and i jumped on. Done my ting, the whole venue shouting it back was crazy. Then i left and that was that.

It’s Not Unlimited Shelling

I still persevered with Evil B every weekend MCing for whatever DJ i was booked with at what ever promotion i was booked at. And i still continued on my artist path as B Live 247 recording music, shooting videos etc.

In March i get a phone call from a number i don’t have saved, but i answer, “You wanna come and MC for Bou?”. By this time i was already a fan of Bou’s music and i had seen the hype around him so for me it was a no brainer.

The job i do for Bou is slightly different as what i do as Evil B. Its not unlimited shelling for an hour. Theres times when it’s crowd hyping, hosting, creating energy, light and shade to match the music and of course performing my own releases that i had with him. We had an energy connection from the first shows i did with him and we hit it off as friends. From then to now it’s gone from strength to strength. A large percentage of the shows go down as my greatest and the enjoyment has been unreal. Of course i still shell a whole heap of Evil B bars, but rather than just seeing myself as his MC, i see myself as an artist performing alongside Bou, playing music that we have made together.

The explosion of what Bou does and ‘Baddadan’ and all the bits in-between has been exhilarating to watch and be a part of. His management team have become my friends. I am enjoying the f*ck out of life even though its not come without sacrifice and hard work i wouldn’t change it for the world.

My advice and what id like is, if you been an Evil B fan then come to a Bou show. Come witness the madness, yeah it might say B Live 247 on the flyer, but you can still spell my name backwards in your mind if you need to.

Sigma x B Live 247

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