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LoveThatBass Radio 004


LoveThatBass Radio is back!! It’s been a long time since I last recorded an episode of LoveThatBass Radio… Almost 2 years in fact!! I guess being busy got in the way?!

I’m back on the case now though and will be dropping monthly episodes via Mixcloud jam packed full of all the freshest music and recapping you on everything you missed from the LoveThatBass website.

This episode feature music from DJ Marky, Hazard, Document One, Technimatic, Tyke, Kravtiz & an exclusive preview of the next release on the LoveThatBass label from an artist called Leemo!


If you enjoy this Drum & Bass Podcast then please repost & share it with whoever you think may be interested. Make sure you also hit the ‘Follow’ button on our Mixcloud page so you never miss any future drum and bass radio shows from us.

We only post LoveThatBass Radio on Mixcloud in order that the artists featured get properly re-numerated for their work. We know we could get more listeners via other platforms, but after the year the music industry has suffered we feel it’s important we do our bit to help where we can.


  1. Document One – Tongue Tied
  2. The Sauce – Night Night
  3. Hologram – Death Worm
  4. Kings Of The Rollers – Original Bad Boy
  5. Kravitz – Three Coffees Deep
  6. DJ Marky – Sliding Gliding
  7. Crystal Clear – Take It Back
  8. Upgrade – Start It Again
  9. Alibi – Rave Digger VIP
  10. A Sides – Chances
  11. Hoogs – Look Away
  12. DJ Hazard – Electric Voodoo
  13. Leemo – Go Gurl
  14. The Sauce – Big Up Inna Dance
  15. IAMDOOMED – Black Mirror
  16. Technimatic – Sunburst
  17. AKAS – Roller 98
  18. Killswitch – My Selecta
  19. Dunk – Moon Rocks
  20. Tyke & Prestige – Galaxy

More Music For You

Have a listen to all the freshest drum & bass on our very own LoveThatBass record label. Our music covers the full spectrum of the jungle / dnb genre with tracks from the likes of Kleu, Waypoint, Glitch City, AKAS, Jaydan, Georgia Phoenix, Oversight & more!

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