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DC Breaks Announce Their HALO Synth


DC Breaks have announced the release of a new Synth Sampler Rompler called ‘HALO’, as the British drum & bass production duo continue their momentum behind the scenes following a 15 year anniversary album, remixes plus multiple preset and sample packs released so far throughout 2021.

Named after their 2010 EP released on Viper Recordings, HALO has been described by the pair as a ‘different breed of virtual instrument’. The plugin ‘combines meticulously crafted re-sampled audio with a host of synth layers, processing and FX options’ to create ‘huge sounding basses, leads, pads and more’.

With DC Breaks being the experts in huge sounding bass, a sampler software created by the duo is likely to be an essential asset for any producer.

DC Breaks HALO Synth

Presets, FX & Modulation

DC Breaks state that ‘the immense presets will either slot straight into your projects or serve as an inspirational start point, but delve deeper into the extensive filter, FX and modulation options to make whole new sounds with just a few clicks.’ And to give producers more freedom for creativity this Rompler allows users to add their own custom audio with infinite sound design possibilities.

Official Walkthrough

The DC Breaks HALO Synth Rompler will be available on 2nd July 2021. Visit their official website for updates from DC Breaks, early access, discounts and exclusives.

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