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Glitch City Remix Competition


Following the success of last years Kleu remix competition which spawned a full remix EP, we’ve decided to let you have a play with another track from the LoveThatBass back catalogue.

This time round we’re sharing the stems for ‘Remedy’ a full throttle drum & banger from the talented Glitch City!

Remix Remedy

Glitch City

Glitch City is best known for his red hot releases on Technique, Viper, ProgRam and of course The Prototypes Get Hype Records. Now is your chance to remix his track ‘Remedy’ and earn yourself a release on the LoveThatBass label alongside talented D&B producers such as Kleu, AKAS, Harley D & last years winner Waypoint.

Glitch City
Glitch City

How Long Left To Enter?

All entries must be submitted to us by 12pm Midday on 15th February 2023.

We want to hear entries covering all styles of drum & bass; Liquid, jump up, minimal, neuofunk, jungle… Whatever interpretation you can turn your hand to is fine by us. We’re listening to hear your unique style & a fresh take on this already great track.

Download the parts & start your remix TODAY!

Remix Competition Prize

All remix entries will be listened to by both Glitch City & myself (DJ Ollie). The winners of this specialD&B remix competition will win a cash prize, release on our label, and merchandise…


🏆 First Prize

  • Your remix released on LoveThatBass
  • £50 cash prize (To be paid via PayPal)
  • Your track professionally mastered
  • LoveThatBass t-shirt
  • Profit share of sale from the release

🏆 Second Prize

  • Your remix released on LoveThatBass
  • £50 cash prize (To be paid via PayPal)
  • Your track professionally mastered
  • LoveThatBass t-shirt
  • Profit share of sales from the release


We’ve set a few simple ground rules in order that we are able to efficiently listen through all the entries & to comply with our distributors guidelines should you be lucky enough to win:

  1. Download the parts from Gumroad
  2. Submit your entries using this form
  3. Entries must be submitted by a private Soundcloud link (with downloads enabled)
  4. All entries to be submitted by 15th Feb 2023
  5. Submission entries must be exclusive. We cannot release a remix which has already been given away for free
  6. Winners will be required to submit a WAV pre-master WAV file
  7. By downloading the remix parts all entrants acknowledge that the full copyright to the original track ‘R’ and any of its component parts are owned by LoveThatBass and are not to be used in any way, commercial or otherwise, except for the purposes of this remix competition


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