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Tell Your Inner Hater To Take A Seat – It’s Showtime!


Every artist, regardless of their level, faces a moment of introspection. The journey in the world of music is paved with challenges and self-questioning, but it’s essential to remember that these experiences are integral to personal and professional growth.

Let’s start by taking a look at the story of ‘The Executioner’, multi award-winning drum and bass DJ, Andy C. Before becoming a legend in the scene, he began his journey in the most humble way. Imagine a young, driven Andy C standing outside raves, braving the cold, handing out flyers for events to get his foot into the jungle scene. Today, he stands tall as a testament to perseverance, talent, and relentless passion. This story alone should serve as a beacon of hope and a reminder that everybody has to start somewhere.

Similarly, I was reminded of the profound impact music can have on people through a touching story one of my clients shared with me recently. He recounted a time when a fan, deeply moved by his music, waited for him at an airport in Eastern Europe after a gig, just to ask for his records to be signed. This encounter wasn’t just a fleeting fan moment, it symbolised the connection and influence an artist can foster through their work. Had my client not overcome his hesitations and released his tracks, this powerful moment would never have happened. Moreover, he might not even have had the chance to travel and spread his music in that country.

I do understand the fear. The fear of judgment, of not being ‘good enough’, or the apprehension of putting something so personal out into the world, but one thing to bear in mind is that by holding back, you don’t only hinder your own growth, but you also deprive the world of the magic you can create.

Everyone has something unique to offer, and by not sharing, you’re withholding a piece of art that could inspire, comfort, or even change someone’s life.

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is also a thing. It’s that nagging feeling of inadequacy, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. If this is something you’re familiar with, take a moment to remind yourself that you don’t start from nothing; you begin with your experiences, your passion, your story. Every expert was once a beginner! Some of the most iconic DJs and producers in the game used to feel the same, but they pushed through, took risks, and owned their sound. Instead of letting imposter syndrome hold you back, harness the energy and use it as a catalyst for your growth.

If we look at this from a different perspective; while you second-guess your worth, someone out there is vibing to a track far less polished than yours. There’s no doubt that the digital age we’re in is fast-paced, but it also offers opportunities galore. It’s an open playground, and all it requires is for you to step up and claim your space.

Potential Overshadowed

Working with numerous artists, I’ve seen many talents – bright, promising and brimming with potential – get overshadowed by their insecurities and almost drown in a sea of self-doubt. I’ve come to realise that the real game-changer is self-belief. By tuning into your true potential and silencing negativity, you can carve a niche for yourself. So how does one conquer this beast called self-doubt I hear you ask? Start with acknowledging it, and then welcome it. Recognise the little voice in your head and then prove it wrong. Every time you think “I can’t”, counter it with “Watch me, I’ve got this.”


Your journey in the music game is one of evolution, growth and continuous learning, so the next time doubt tries to hold you back, think of the stories I shared with you today.

The world awaits your music, your unique sound and story. Take time to celebrate every beat, bar or tune, and embrace the journey – the thrill of creation and the buzz of sharing your newest material. If you wait for the ‘perfect’ moment or to feel ‘ready’, that moment may never come. Consider this: one person dreams of producing a track for decades, while another acts for 2 hours, crafting something raw and genuine. Who’s truly lived their passion? The answer is clear!

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