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Loopmasters / Urban Agency Drum & Bass Sample Pack


Urban Agency, who look after a huge number of key artists in the drum & bass scene, have teamed up with Loopmasters to allow you to incorporate sounds made by their artists in to your music productions!

Drum & Bass / Jungle music pioneer Micky Finn, one of the head honchos at Urban Agency, gathered together an all star team of producers including DJ Limited, Voltage, Original Sin & Heist, to supply their sound design skills for a royalty free sample collection exclusively for Loopmasters.

Behind The Samples

While talking about the Urban Agency Sample Pack in an interview with Loopmasters, Original Sin said “It’s a balance between making things that sound cool but are also useable in everyday productions“.

DJ Limited addressed the subject of educating up & coming producers to improve their skills saying that “This pack isn’t to just completely chop up & write a random track out of. It’s something you can listen to, dissect, see how these guys done it, reverse engineer it & expand the producers knowledge as much as they can“.

Micky Finn summed up the concept of this sample pack project & why he bought these producers together stating that “They all bring something different to the table. We divided the pack up so we got a bit of everything out of all of them“.

Mickey Finn
Micky Finn

Exploring The Urban Agency Sample Pack

Gathering in Heist’s studio, surrounded by an incredible collection of production hardware & synths, the 4 artists assembled in front of the studio computer to show you how to get the best out of their samples using Loopcloud to both preview sounds & get inspiration on new arrangement ideas.

The Artists


Voltage is one of the most influential figures in modern drum and bass. For one thing, the roll-call of labels he’s released on – Hospital, Metalheadz, Low Down Deep, 31, CIA, Playaz… The list goes on – Representing pretty much the full spectrum of styles DnB has to offer. That’s something special. When the young Voltage was getting into jungle music back in the mid-nineties, different styles and sub-genres could all be heard on the same night, often in the same set.

The way he and his Kings of the Rollers team-mate Serum interact with their followers on social media has set out the blueprint for how DnB artists can effectively connect with and mobilise their fanbase. That connection and unity has always been an important thread in his work.



Heist, also known as Strider if you’re looking to go way back into his discography, has been dominating, innovating and revolutionising speaker bins for close to 20 years now.

He’s graced the catalogues of many iconic, foundational labels like Charge, Ganja, Frontline, Full Cycle, Digital Soundboy, Philly Blunt and Metalheadz. To understand why Drum and Bass royalty like Hype, Goldie, and Roni Size took notice so early on all one needs to do. Listen to any of it.

It’s as though Heist had the foresight to be as fastidious about what he released to others as he has been about what he releases on his own signature imprints, Sumo Beatz, Calypso and Co-Lab.


DJ Limited

Limited by name but certainly not limited by talent, Billy Smith is a producer with a very promising future.

He was born at a time when the likes of Dillinja, Fabio & Grooverider and Nicky Blackmaket were shaping the drum & bass scene. Now, to his amazement, those undisputed legends of the genre are supporting his tunes.

If you listen to his releases so far, including the highly acclaimed ‘The Beginning EP’, it’s blatantly obvious that he’s not afraid of switching things up and doing things differently. He’s not only tried his hand at a number of different sub-genres, he’s produced them to a high standard: A standard that producers twice his age would probably be proud of.

DJ Limited

Original Sin

Original Sin made his name as one of the foremost proponents of contemporary jump-up, but that’s just a small part of the story.

With multiple awards to his name – won for both deejaying and production – and releases across a who’s who of prestigious labels, the last decade has seen him smash through sub-genre boundaries and build an international fanbase in the process.

Having first released on Andy C’s RAM Records way back in 2014, Original Sin’s relationship with the label has become cemented with a volley of releases. Add to that a slew of tunes on labels like Playaz and Souped Up, and it’s no wonder Original Sin’s name has become a buy-on-sight signal for real heads everywhere.

Original Sin

What’s In The Pack?

◦ 356 MB◦ 24Bit 44.1KHZ
◦ 37 Bass Loops◦ 27 Full Drum Loops
◦ 27 Synth Loops◦ 12 Pad Loops
◦ 11 Top Drum Loops◦ 9 Arp Loops
◦ 9 Hat Loops◦ 8 Perc Loops
◦ 6 Fx Loops◦ 5 Cymbal Loops
◦ 2 Vocal Loops◦ 1 Piano Loop
◦ 60 Instruments◦ 42 Drum Hits
◦ 28 Bass Hits◦ 6 Fx
◦ 5 Atmospheres◦ 1 Perc
◦ 1 Vocal◦ 101 Soft Sampler Patches

You can download theUrban Agency sample pack from the Loopmasters website, or if you have a Loopcloud subscription you will automatically get access to all the sounds.

We can’t help but notice this is Volume 1… We’re excited to see which artists from the Urban Agency roster of D&B talent are assembled for the next instalment!!

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