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Noisia Share Their Vision With New Plugin


Electronic music wizards NOISIA have partnered with Excite Audio to develop a brand new plugin.

VISION 4X is a powerful visual analysis plugin that gives you the insights you need to prepare your tracks ready for competition with today’s top mixes, and the clarity to make the right mixing decisions with confidence – however modest your setup.

Watch NOISIA Explain The Plugin

See Your Sound

The VISION 4X, a VST/AU/AAX analyser plugin goes further, deeper and gets more precise than any other to give you a deeper understanding of your sound than ever before.

VISION 4X combines four custom built visual analysis tools that work simultaneously in real time, including a spectrogram, bar graph, waveform and phase correlation meter.

Each analyser is displayed in its own resizable window, allowing you to scale the plugin’s UI to suit your workflow.

Perfectly sync VISION 4X to your DAW and customise the analysis timeframe to any project.

Choose to run the analysers continuously, or loop a section of time and let them overlay. Alternatively, if you want to hone in on a particular sound, set the plugin to retrigger whenever a MIDI signal is received–ideal for comparing kicks in real time.

The VISION 4X plugin is available exclusively from Plugin Boutique



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