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Sounds of Elevate


Recently we told you about the ‘Sounds Of : Shogun Audio’ drum & bass sample pack. Now the team at EST Studios have released their follow up presets & samples collection for D&B producers, ‘Sounds Of : Elevate

Sounds Of : Elevate is created by Elevate artists themselves and is designed to help any producer achieve that trademark Elevate Records sound. Elevate Records, the sister label to Shogun Audio; showcasing straight up, uncompromising, dance floor drum & bass from artists including Fourward, Flowidus, Ben Snow, Macky Gee, Kanine, Turno and label owner Friction himself.

Within this pack you will find everything you need to create a standout D&B track. It contains a variety of sounds ranging from thick bass hits to punchy snares & kicks plus melodic, percussive and bass loops that give you the possibility to create a fresh vibe quickly and get your tracks rolling (MIDI files are included also).

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