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25 Classic Drum & Bass Anthems Turning 25 This Year


In 1986 in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the lead character said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. That quote rings as true today as it did when the film was first released.

As we roll headfirst into 2024 & all the sounds and experiences that come with moving forward, we want to take a minute to look back to a golden era for our scene to see where we’ve come from.

The year 1999, as we all wondered what the millennium had in store for us, was an epic year for drum & bass music. A year of pioneering sonic experiments that pushed the boundaries of the genre, and the bangers that still sound fresh as hell even a quarter-century later!! It was a year of smooth liquid melodies juxtaposed with savage tech step distorted basslines.

25 Classic DNB Anthems (In No Particular Order)…

Let’s reminisce together and celebrate the variety & enduring power of this incredible genre as we dig out 25 bonafide classic DNB anthems that turn 25 this year.

Special Forces – Something Else… The Bleeps Tune

The legendary Photek, under his Special Forces alias, dropped this deeply hypnotic roller on his own Photel Productions imprint

DJ Krust ft Saul Williams – Coded Language

This track is a meeting of 2 true artists, Bristol based D&B producer DJ Krust & Saul Williams, the American rapper, singer, songwriter, musician, poet, writer, and actor. The title track of Krust’s debut solo album also released in 1999

Sci-Clone – Everywhere I Go (Remix)

A melting pot of jazz & drum and bass made by artists based on opposite sides of the world. A-Sides in London, Nathan Haines in New Zealand. A landmark Metalheadz release

Capone – Tudor Rose

Despite the label saying it’s by Capone, we all knew as soon as we heard it that it’s a Dillinja track! Are you even a junglist is you haven’t played ‘Tudor Rose‘ at full blast?


Die – Drop Bear

The Dennis Coffey ‘Scorpio break‘ gets used to perfection alongside a simple (but very effective) bassline in DJ Die’s dancefloor banger on the Full Cycle label. This track has most definitely stood the test of time!

Bad Company – The Pulse

Grooverider’s Prototype label was infamous for sitting on tracks for years before they finally got released. This infamous tune had been making crowds go wild in clubs for the longest time and instantly became a best seller on release. Fully deserving of the classic drum & bass anthem status bestowed upon it by fans of this era

Marcus Intalex & ST Files – How You Make Me Feel

Credited by Fabio as one of the first ‘Liquid Funk’ tracks, Intalex & ST Files sampled an already classic house anthem and made into something fresh & exciting for the drum n bass genre!

Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria

There are so many Ed Rush & Optical tracks to pick from this era, but of all their tracks I still find myself drawing for this one a quarter of a century after its original release… Stone cold DNB classic!

Usual Suspects – Killa Bees

Renegade Hardware was one of the biggest selling labels around at the time and ‘Killa Bees‘ was one of the labels biggest releases

Roni Size – Snapshot

This was arguably one of THE biggest singles of the year! Hot off the back of winning the Mercury Music Prize & the incredible Reprezent project, this vinyl not only contained ‘Snapshot‘, but the flip side ‘26 Bass‘ was just as big

Ganja Kru – Science

Ganja Kru was a collaboration project between DJ Hype, Zinc & Pascal. This track ‘Science‘ is still a favourite of mine and was taken from their ‘Fu*k The Millenium EP‘. Every time I hear this I’m transported back the True Playaz nights at The End

Cedar – Equinox

This track is memorable to me for featuring on LTJ Bukem’s influential Progression Sessions mix, even now I still hear Conrad’s distinctive vocal in my head when listening to this beautiful instrumental

Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says (Roni Size & DJ Die Remix)

There was a slew of official D&B remixes of hip hop tracks around this time, maybe spurred by the success of Zinc’s unofficial remix of The Fugees ‘Ready Or Not‘? This is one of my personal favourite hip hop remixes… I remember selling a lot of copies of this at the record shop where I worked!

JB – Say What (The Blind Man)

Jason Ball is one of the un-sung heros of the early drum & bass scene, his productions as JB, with Dred Bass, Swoosh & Northern Connexion are all worth looking into. This track is the most Bristol sounding track ever made in Birmingham 🙂

Apollo 69 – Mindgaterz (Peshay Remix)

This tune!!! Pure feel good vibes… Reminds me of drunken Wednesday nights at London’s Velvet Underground where Fabio hosted his weekly Swerve nights. Attending those nights are some of my most special memories from my extremely long career in this scene

Undercover Agent – Five Tones (Brockie & Ed Solo Remix)

This was an anthem for everyone in the Kent / Essex area where Cyndicut FM broadcast. All 4 tracks on this EP are special to me as I was part of the Cyndicut family and friends with DAZ Undercover Agent and many of the Juice / Splash artists

Breakbeat Era – Ultra Obscene

Breakbeat Era, was a collaborative project consisting of Roni Size, DJ Die, and Leonie Laws on XL Recordings. A very live feeling project mixing hyperkinetic breakbeats & electronic textures with punk vocals

Bad Company – Four Days

Tracks like this are what made Bad Company so legendary! In fact the whole ‘Fear EP‘ that this track was taken from needs to be in your collection – Solid gold!

Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force

This one still hits hard – Battered by everyone who was anyone back in the day. Guaranteed rewinds whenever this got played

Grooverider – Where’s Jack The Ripper?

Not only was Grooverider releasing genre defining D&B on his Prototype label, and breaking new music with what he played at his Metalheadz residency, he was also making stone cold DNB anthems of his own! This cut is one of the standout tracks from Grooverider’s MOBO award winning ‘Mysteries of Funk‘ album

Nasty Habits – Liquid Fingers

Doc Scott essentially reworking of Mr Fingers house classic, ‘Can You Feel It’. An absolute masterpiece incorporating the best of house past and the futuristic sounding elements of D&B

Dillinja – Test Time

Another instantly recognisable Dillinja tune on the shortly lived Test label. Reminiscent of the iconic ‘Hard Noize‘ that was released a year earlier, this feels like it was produced in that same studio session

Jonny L – Selecta

One of Jonny L’s more underrated tracks. Maybe didn’t make the lasting impression that a lot of the tracks in this list have, but was very much in demand in the record shop where I worked when it was released

Moving Fusion – The Beginning

Having dropping ‘Turbulence‘ the year before there were big things expected of Moving Fusion’s next release. Thankfully they didn’t disappoint! ‘The Beginning EP‘ hit us in all the right places & was played by everyone!!

DJ Trace & Pete Parsons – Sniper

Simple, clean, deadly; like the name might suggest… Sniper was the debut release on the DSCI4. Full on tramen breaks & big reece basslines, a certified classic drum and bass anthem

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