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Hypersonic Remixed Review


A year on since High Maintenance and AL/SO teamed up for their Hypersonic EP, their three track project has received the remix treatment twice over. The Hypersonic Remixed EP is comprised of six tracks, featuring the likes of Joe Ford, PRFCT Mandem and Toronto is Broken, starting the week with some filthy neuro and rollers courtesy of Korsakov Music.


Kicking off the EP is the title track, remixed by Sovryn. He has demonstrated how to properly remix a track, maintaining a good balance of the existing musical elements and format of the original release, while clearly putting his own stamp on the tune. The track is kept fresh throughout, with Sovryn bringing in a delayed pause and higher pitch tones for the second drop. His distinct techy sounds compliment High Maintenance and AL/SO’s production, for an energetic start to the EP. 

PRFCT Mandem

The second rework of Hypersonic was taken upon by Korsakov’s dynamic duo, PRFCT Mandem. Thrown straight into an enticing build up, the introduction is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, incorporated with the echoing female vocals in the background. This leads to a curveball of a drop, a combination of drum and bass with elements of psytrance. Such a curveball, that Aisling made a disclaimer on Instagram to ensure DJ’s know where the drop comes in. 

PRFCT Mandem

The pair then switch up the track for the second half of the tune, a subtle drop with rolling kicks. This tune has been very intelligently produced, and the variety in styles shows the versatility PRFCT Mandem possesses as producers. 


Droptek makes an appearance as he remixes ‘Party Every Day’, a track every drum and bass head has heard at one point or another in their time. Similar to Sovryn, Droptek has paid homage to the original, maintaining the musical elements while at the same time putting his own twist on it. The track is kept fresh with a slower breakdown, before throwing the listener back into more energy, featuring high pitch synths which bounces off the darker rolling bass and vocals. Roaring with energy, this track, funnily enough, is perfect for somebody who likes to party every day. 

Joe Ford

Joe Ford also took this track by the reins, switching it up with a stomper of a beat. A combination of a stuttering, broken rhythm with grotty bass has resulted in a classic Joe Ford track, demonstrating why he is one of the most established artists in the scene. Similar to the previous songs, it has been kept fresh by switching up the beat throughout, not letting the listener get settled. 

Toronto is Broken

A Toronto is Broken track can be spotted a mile off, and his remix of Here We Go Again is no exception. Fusing elements of rock and metal with drum and bass, the track is introduced with a weighty electric guitar. This is followed by a distinct Toronto is Broken drop, a high-pitched rolling siren sound, similar to his track ‘Gunfingers’ released earlier this year. The electric pitch works well with the bassy drop, creating hyper energy – hypersonic if you will. The track then breaks down to a more house – bassline style beat, expertly edited to transition the original into a different genre.

Mean Teeth

The final track of the EP has duo Mean Teeth stepping up to the plate, injecting Here We Go Again with a boost of energy. The pair have not strayed far from the original, keeping a similar format and maintaining the dark energy, but have added in their own elements to create a refreshed, solid drum and bass track that is likely to pop up in many mixes and sets. 


Hypersonic Remixed

Stemmed from only three tracks, Hypersonic Remixed is an EP filled with various production styles, containing new and fresh flavours – yet maintains a consistent theme of an electric, techy sound and dark, grotty bass. The EP never gets boring or repetitive, and ticks multiple boxes for producers, DJs and general drum and bass heads. Props go to every artists on the EP, with special mention to High Maintenance and AL/SO of course, for creating a solid platform to build a remixed EP on.  

The Hypersonic Remixed EP is now available on Spotify and Beatport from Korsakov Music.

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