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DJ Ollie – Big Sound


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DJ Ollie is back with another release hot on the heels of his recent drum & bass banger Clear To Launch.

Big Sound is a cold cut dancefloor banger, pushing the basic fundamentals of the D&B genre… Straight up drums and bass!

Opening with an epic riff & funky live sounding breaks, you get the feel of where this track is going from hearing just the first few bars. A crescendo of sounds build up, then then give way to the “Big Sound” vocal that the track sources its name from, and then bass… Deep deadly sub layered with a growl to induce a bass face to even the most hardened D&B fanatic. This is undoubtedly one for the skankers by the bass bins!

Of course, this track was due to drop right in the middle of festival season, as such the artwork was designed to resonate with clubbers from around the world heading into the outdoors to gather in front of speaker stacks. Regrettably the pandemic that has put most of the music industry out of work had other plans, but were still pleased that the eye-catching artwork represents the feeling of this tune.

For almost 2 decades DJ Ollie has been heavily involved in the drum & bass scene, holding down various DJ residencies for the likes of Innovation & Pure Science, as well as guest appearances at raves across the UK & Europe. He hosts a monthly D&B show on London’s PyroRadio, covering the full spectrum of drum and bass music, supporting artists from across the globe. His work behind the scenes as a promoter have seen him involved with some of the biggest festivals, weekenders & clubbing holidays in the UK, Spain & The Netherlands… How he still finds time to hit the studio to create monsters like this is testament to his long- standing passion for this music… A true unsung hero of this genre!

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