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The Rest Is History D&B Documentary

A celebration of the early years of Jungle and Drum & Bass music

Made In Britain : Jungle Documentary

How is it that Britain, one little island in the middle of nowhere, has been such a game changer when it comes to creating original music genres that give birth to entire new underground...

Corona’d D&B Documentary

The Corona Virus pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the clubbing industry. We've been social distancing, in & out of lockdowns, and in various tiers for almost a full year now. While we miss...

D&B Scene Loses A Legend

Yesterday the drum and bass scene lost one of its soldiers, Music House legend Leon Chue. While most ravers may not know the name, Leon was a vital part of the emerging jungle scene. He...

The Prototypes – Ten Thousand Feet & Rising

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for The Prototypes. They’ve been celebrating both 10 years as The Prototypes, and the release of their brand new album Ten Thousand Feet and Rising! Legacy The ‘Legacy’ celebrations...

MC Stormin Documentary

Hype Master - The emotional MC Stormin documentary is a heart wrenching film following his musical journey, his diagnosis & battle with skin cancer

On Road With Basslayerz

On Road With Basslayerz is a new 3 part documentary series following the exploits of the drum and bass collective comprised of DJ Slipz, MC Spyda & Blu Bomma. Slipz told us a bit more...

Drum & Bass Documentary

4 years ago Peter Costigan set off with his film camera on a series of transAtlantic journeys between his native Canada to the UK to interview some of the luminaries from the jungle / drum...

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