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Label Focus

Label Focus – Basslayerz Recordings

MC Spyda tells us about the label & the month of releases that feature his distinctive vocals

Label Focus – Deep Jungle

Jungle music is doing big things right now. Labels like Born On Road, Jungle Cakes & Serial Killaz are smashing it with their new school spin on the original flavours. OverShadow have bought back...

Label Focus – Biological Beats

Biological Beats is one of the few record labels in the D&B scene to be run by an MC. Most labels are either fronted by a DJ, or producer. Fatman D has elevated the...

Label Focus – DNB Vibes

DNB Vibes launched just 2 weeks ago & today dropped their 2nd release. Clearly they mean business!! We caught up with Mtøx and Evoke, the label owners, to find out what’s in store for...

Label Focus – Souped Up

Souped Up, an almost overnight success story for Serum and Benny V that since inception has paved the way for new artists and created an instantly recognisable brand. How did they do it? You...

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