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Voltage & Chimpo Lace Up A Reebok Classic

Voltage continues his output on Shy FX’s iconic Digital Soundboy label

Voltage & Shy FX Collaborate On Amazing New Track

New single & video 'Amazing' from Voltage & Shy FX featuring vocalist Agent Sasco

15 Years of Low Down Deep

15 years in the game, but still going stronger than ever! Who ever said that jump up wouldn’t survive the test of time, eh? As Low Down Deep approach the end of 2021, they’ve been...

Voltage Ready To Pop It Off

Voltage is ready to ‘Pop It Off’ in a big way with his debut four-track EP on DJ Hype & Pascal’s famed Playaz imprint. Known worldwide as ⅓ of King of the Rollers, Voltage...

Loopmasters / Urban Agency Drum & Bass Sample Pack

Urban Agency, who look after a huge number of key artists in the drum & bass scene, have teamed up with Loopmasters to allow you to incorporate sounds made by their artists in to...

Balance Over Symmetry

Balance Over Symmetry, the eagerly anticipated 3rd solo album by Voltage dropped today on Hospital Records & I’m pleased to say that it’s everything I’d hoped for! This sounds like a very accomplished album. Where...

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